Real Estate Attorney for Buying or Selling Sumner Property

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Established in 1956


Our real estate attorney services provide cost effective legal solutions for small businesses as well as major corporations.

We have built a strong reputation since our founding in 1956 as experts in business law and real estate law dealing with business formation, planning, contracts and other corporate documents.

A real estate lawyer from our firm with years of experience in real estate law can guide you through property transactions that range from simple to financially complex.

We have provided legal counsel and representation to clients such as:

  • Medical facilities
  • Real estate developer companies
  • Businesses and new business franchises of all kinds
  • Professional firms and institutions
  • Home owner associations
  • Real estate brokers and agents

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Real Estate Lawyer Serving the Sumner Area

If you are buying or selling residential or commercial property in the Sumner area, we recommend seeking the services of a professional real estate lawyer who is experienced and knowledgeable in business law and real estate law.

The complexities of real estate law can significantly affect the outcome of your transaction. We strongly urge you to seek the expert services of a real estate attorney who can protect your legal rights, such as:

  • Protection of your personal assets
  • Conducting title searches
  • Assisting in a well planned negotiation such as price and closing costs
  • Representation at closing

Our real estate attorney can also assist in resolution of real estate disputes.

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Real Estate Law Practice Serving the Sumner Community

Our law firm has a select team of small business attorneys that can provide sound legal advice and assist in all phases of real estate law.

The purchase of a home can be overwhelming, especially for a first-time buyer. And, similarly, the purchase or sale of commercial real estate is a major part of most businesses where comprehensive representation by an expert real estate attorney is vital.

We provide strong and aggressive representation by a knowledgeable real estate attorney to assist in:

  • Ensuring that the transaction is researched, executed and recorded
  • Preparation of sale and purchase contracts
  • Real estate closings
  • Issuance of title insurance

We can provide a real estate lawyer to assist first time buyers or sellers, individuals, families and estates, and businesses with a simple property transaction or one that is financially complex.

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