Real Estate Attorney for Buying or Selling Covington Property

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Are you buying or selling Covington property?

If so, you need an experienced real estate attorney with expertise in Washington State real estate law.

We can provide expert legal services of both buyers and sellers of residential and commercial property by a real estate lawyer from our select team, including but limited to:

  • Protecting your rights as a buyer or seller
  • Reviewing and drafting real estate contracts and agreements
  • Minimizing taxation
  • Reviewing mortgage information with you
  • Preparation and review of closing documents

As an experienced real estate law firm we can assist you and expedite finalization of your real estate transaction while keeping our real estate lawyer fees as cost-effective as possible.

Real Estate Lawyer Serving the Covington Area

When buying or selling residential or commercial property in Covington, it is important to have an experienced real estate lawyer to draft sound agreements for a successful transaction.

A real estate attorney from our select team of attorneys well versed in real estate law can assist you with property transactions, whether simple or financially complex.

For example, we offer real estate attorney representation for, but not limited to:

  • Residential property owners or buyers requiring real estate contracts
  • New business franchises
  • Businesses including family-owned
  • Partnerships, incorporations and limited liability company entrepreneurs
  • Real estate developers, agents and brokers
  • Construction contractors

Call for a free consultation to learn how our real estate law practice can assist in residential and commercial property transactions.

Real Estate Law Practice Serving the Covington Community

Our real estate law practice offers legal services to protect the rights of buyers and sellers in a residential or commercial property transaction in the Covington community.

A real estate attorney from our select team can assist first-time buyers, individuals, families, and estates and businesses with law procedures established by the State of Washington.

These are a few examples from our extensive list of services in which an experienced real estate lawyer can assist a buyer or seller:

  • Title examinations
  • Commercial lease agreements
  • Zoning and environmental issues
  • Mortgage documents- reviewed and explained
  • Drafting, reviewing or amending purchase and sales agreements
  • Landlord-tenant law

If you are starting a new business, or preparing to pass your business on to the next generation, we can provide a real estate attorney to assist you with sound legal advice and solutions to expedite the process.

Call Roller, Vernon & Powers for an experienced real estate lawyer to assist with your residential or commercial real estate transaction. 253-475-1255