Wills, Living Wills and Testaments for Covington Residents

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We have a last will and testament process that is simple.

Our lawyers serving residents of Covington can carefully guide you through each form, and also offer assistance in the selection of an executor.

This is why it is important for you to take control of your estate including preparation of comprehensive estate planning:

  • You make the decisions for distribution of your property
  • You can name guardians for your children and their property
  • Forgiveness of debts
  • Reduce family conflict and recriminations
  • You can create trusts for your children and other young beneficiaries

Come to us if you are seeking guidance for proper estate planning, or for the services of an experienced probate attorney to help resolve all claims for the estate and for help in distribution of estate property.

Estate Planning Helps Covington Families of All Ages

Estate planning is essential if you have elderly parents, children, savings and investments, and assets such as a home or vehicle.

Simply stated, it helps to protect families of all ages in the event of your death or incapacitation.

Our lawyers are highly skilled and experienced in creating a legal will or trust as the initial step in preparation for comprehensive estate planning. Some of the major tasks may include:

  • Creating a will or trust
  • Setting up trust accounts in the name of beneficiaries to limit estate taxes
  • Naming a guardian for living dependents
  • Establishing an executor of the estate for overseeing terms of the will
  • Setting up durable power of attorney for directing other investments and assets
  • Instructions for your care in the event of disablement prior to death
  • Provision for transfer of your business at retirement, death or disability
  • Providing for loved ones with special needs

In the absence of an intentional plan you will likely require the assistance of a probate attorney to help resolve all claims for the estate and for help in distribution of estate property.

Call to schedule a consultation to learn more about how these planning services will affect you and your family. Or let us know if you require the services of a knowledgeable probate attorney.

Probate Attorney Serving the Covington Community

In the absence of a legal will or trust and comprehensive estate planning you place your assets at risk, such as your home, vehicle and other possessions, with no specific instruction for your loved ones or business associates to receive them after your death.

When this occurs the estate goes through a court process that generally involves determining how the assets and property are to be handled.

If you find yourself in these circumstances and require legal help, let our probate attorney serving the Covington community assist you:

  • To protect your rights and financial interests
  • Resolution of disputes and conflicts
  • To handle succession issues
  • Navigate through the entire court process
  • Distribution of property as specified in the estate plan
  • Probate litigation

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