Real Estate Attorney for Buying or Selling Parkland Property

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Established in 1956


We are experts with regard to legal advice covering a wide range of legal issues including real estate law.

Whether you are contemplating the sale or purchase of a Parkland property, or merely seeking legal advice, we can assist you.

Our lawpracticecan provide legal services for both buyers and sellers of residential or commercial property to:

  • Protect the rights of buyers and sellers
  • Draft and review real estate contracts, agreements, and other legal documents
  • Minimize taxation
  • Review mortgage information with you
  • Analyze simple or financially complex property transactions
  • Prepare and review closing documents

Our residential real estate attorneys are experienced in representing clients buying their first home, handling foreclosure issues, and real estate sales that are conducted without the assistance of a licensed broker.

We ensure that all documents follow the legal principles guiding the purchase or sale of property, and that the transaction closing serves your best interests.

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Real Estate Lawyer Serving the Parkland Community

As a law firm that is a recognized expert in real estate and business law, we cannot over-emphasize the importance of having an experienced real estate lawyer serving the Parkland community to draft sound agreements and contracts for a successful transaction.

We can assist you with property transactions that are simple or financially complex, including, but not limited to:

  • Businesses, including family-owned
  • New business franchise
  • Real estate contracts for property sellers or buyers
  • Incorporations, partnerships or limited liability company entrepreneurs
  • Construction contractors
  • Medical offices
  • Professional firms
  • Home owner associations
  • Real estate agents and brokers

With a legal staff that is highly-qualified and experienced, we can research and streamline cases requiring litigation, partnership dispute and resolution, or contract assistance.

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Real Estate Law Practice Serving the Parkland Community

We have been practicing law since 1956, and are well-respected in the Parkland community for our commitment to hard work, integrity, and knowledge of real estate and business law.

As a real estate law practice, we offer legal services to protect the rights of both buyers and sellers in residential or commercial property transactions.

The following is an example from our extensive list of services for assisting buyers and sellers:

  • Commercial lease agreements
  • Title examinations
  • Review of mortgage documents
  • Evaluation of zoning and environmental issues
  • Protection of property and contract rights in residential or commercial disputes
  • Drafting or amending sale and purchase agreements
  • Landlord-tenant laws

Laws associated with residential and commercial property transactions are complex and can affect the outcome of your transaction in a very significant way. Therefore, we recommend seeking the expert advice of our real estate lawyer to protect your legal rights.

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