Wills, Living Wills and Testaments for Enumclaw Residents

Tacoma Attorneys

Established in 1956


We provide a simple last will and testament process with the legal guidance of our lawyers through each of the necessary forms, and assistance in selecting the executor of your will and estate.

We can provide a sense of security by helping you take one of the first important steps in comprehensive estate planning to safeguard loved ones, family members or business associates while you are still living.

Our firm has a strong history of creating financially sound plans for an estate or business for residents in the Enumclaw area to relieve family members or business associates of that burden.            

We will carefully review options with you, such as:

  • Estates
  • Charitable trusts
  • Asset protection
  • Legal wills
  • Living trust fund
  • Trusts
  • Income trusts
  • Annuity claims

Call to learn more about the importance of estate planning to manage your asset base and distribution of your property as you see fit.  If needed, we can also provide the services of a probate attorney to protect your financial interests and rights.

Estate Planning Helps Enumclaw Families of All Ages

Estate planning provides an opportunity for families of all ages to take a proactive approach to protect their assets from taxes and for distribution of property, and to make certain their wishes are carried out as they see fit, and to the letter.

We have experienced and knowledgeable lawyers and probate attorneys serving the Enumclaw community that can help minimize or possibly even avoid altogether the costs associated with administration of the estate that may involve:

  • Drafting and signing a last will and testament
  • Setting up trusts
  • Establishing a power of attorney
  • Creating a living will
  • Preparing revocable living trusts and special needs trusts
  • Establishing benefits for military veterans

In the event that you require the services of a probate attorney to resolve complex claims, or other complications that may arise, we can set up a consultation for you to seek legal counsel.

Call us today to begin this important process of providing a safeguard for your loved ones.

Probate Attorney Serving the Enumclaw Community

In the event that a loved one passes away without comprehensive estate planning, and there is no legal will or trust, the estate must go through a probate process that can be complicated.

We can provide an experienced and knowledgeable probate attorney to facilitate the process of protecting financial interests and rights all the way through to a favorable resolution.

These are a few examples of how our probate attorney can help to resolve claims for the estate and help to distribute estate property for residents of the Enumclaw community:

  • Assemble all assets of the decedent
  • Mediate disputed claims
  • Handle succession issues
  • Prepare all documents and timely filings required by the court
  • Assist with payments of decedent debts
  • Assist in distribution of property according to the will or estate plan
  • Navigate through the court process

Call Roller, Vernon & Powers to assist with the legal process to ensure all final wishes are properly fulfilled.  253-475-1255